Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Custom Order

It’s been a while since I did a custom order blog. It’s most remiss of me, I know. I’ve been making custom bits and pieces but not really tooting about it.

I just finished something very pretty so what better time to rectify this situation!

I’m not going to do a whole song and dance about it: it’s a custom needle roll, designed to hold straight needles and it’s in one of my favourite fabrics ever. DSC05326 DSC05327 DSC05328 DSC05329 DSC05330 DSC05331

I used the same fabrics to make a lovely Japanese knot bag and this needle roll is heading off into the world to go join it. Hurrah and various deities speed it on its way.

I’ve spent my evening cutting out stuff for the next custom order which is going to be a festival of amazing geekiness. And a bunch of general geeky stuff to be sewn up as and when. Productive-ish.

Now I’m off to go finish watching the first episode of Sleepy Hollow and revel in some mindless fun!


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