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Custom Order (Work in Progress)

Howdy. Hope you’re all having a lovely January.

Been unusually crafty this week – my energy for sewing seems to be slowly seeping back which is nice.

Emma asked to see some photos of what I’ve been working on this afternoon so I thought I’d sneak in a blog post while I’m at it. I was just going to post them on Facebook but this way I can label them properly and so forth.

They’re not the greatest photos in the world, I will admit right now. I find it very difficult to photograph the bags when they’re in progress. I hate showing the seams because they always look a bit rough and raggedy before they’re properly finished and the texture of the fabric makes it very difficult to see fancy details properly.

But I said I would post them and post them I shall, with appropriate apologies if you can’t see what it is yet.

2014-01-29 18.01.12


This is a reversible pouch, same size as my sock pouches. For knitting or putting dog treats etc in. Haven’t put a draw string in yet, might need to order some bright red satin ribbon for it to complement the rest of the bag.


2014-01-29 18.02.11

This will be the lining of the bag. Not sure if you can see the pockets or not but there’s a zippered compartment plus three pockets below it.

2014-01-29 18.02.19

Closeup of the zippered compartment. The pocket itself sits inside the lining.

2014-01-29 18.02.39

I made one HUGE patch pocket and then I pleated the section on the left hand side so it would have some extra volume. The other two pockets are intended for stashing things like leads, plastic bags, brushes and so forth.

2014-01-29 18.03.22


The outside of the bag. See the piping? Took me blimming ages to stabilise and sew that on. It’s triple stitched with top stitching as well. The strap is bright red to match the piping. Jon picked the colour scheme himself and I must say, the man knows his colours! It is just so subtly zingy.

2014-01-29 18.03.43

Underneath the gigantic flap is another pocket. This one has a flap of its own and two little magnet snaps which are sitting on dachshund badges made from snips of the lining fabric. I needed to reinforce the magnet snaps, having had one tear through the lining of a bag I made for myself and this seemed a cute way to do it.



2014-01-29 18.03.51


It’s not quite finished. For the main pocket of the bag I want to put in a giant zipper in a casing and I’ve run out of giant zippers. It’s particularly galling as there’s been a single giant zipper hanging around in my collection for YEARS, getting tangled with all my little zippers and being good for absolutely nothing. The minute I want to actually use it for something, one of the kids has nicked it and hidden it somewhere. Typical!

Once the zipper’s in, I just need to sandwich the inside into the outside, stitch, stitch again and then top stitch for good measure. And then it will be done.

It’s taken me all afternoon to get it this far but pending the arrival of this zipper, Jon should finally have his lovely messenger bag. Hurrah!



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