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Dates and Markers

Sooo. We have a date and tickets. It’s all happening. We’re flying out on the 21st of September.

And now it all suddenly becomes properly real and the busy-ness level (always high anyway) kicks up another notch as we carry on flinging stuff out the door as fast as we can. It’s amazing how much stuff we’ve accumulated. It’s very easy to blame it on the kids but it’s not all theirs. Even without the added urgency of moving this is an exercise that’s very much overdue.

Having an exit date means I also need to think about bringing Undercover Owl to a close – for now at least. I’ve sold a lot of what I had in stock but I’ve still got various bits and pieces that have been sitting around either not finished or not listed. I’m in the process of listing a bunch of markers, including some new fruit markers I made last night and some tea themed ones I had kicking around in a box.

DSC06991 DSC07018 DSC07019 DSC06992 DSC07008 DSC07020 DSC07015 DSC07029

I’ve also still got lots of fabric that I don’t really want to take with me. So I’ve dug out the machine, I’ve hunted out my pattern templates and cutting board and I’m girding my loins to try and get a few bags and things made up to get all that lovely fabric out the door in a more useful shape. These will be the last bags I’m making for a very long time (possibly forever) so keep an eye out because once they’re gone, that’s it.

Haven’t quite decided when the shop will be shutting for good but I’ll keep you posted.

And that’s that. Announcement done.  Not the most polished of posts, just housekeeping really but then that kind of reflects how my life is at the moment, not much polish and lots of housekeeping.




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