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This is what a summer looks like

Moving is hard work.

Currently I mean that in both senses of the word ‘moving’. Packing up a house and removing one’s belongings is difficult and also leads to physically moving one’s body around hurting.

2014-08-27 16.55.42 2014-08-27 17.48.24

It also doesn’t leave much room for writing or crafting, although I’ve managed to find a few scrabbled moments to finish editing a draft of my novel and a pair of socks.

Despite the craziness we managed to fit in a lovely summer full of the usual things a summer is full of: craft, museums, some tv, more craft, a lot of shouting, fighting and wrestling and a bit more craft.

2014-06-03 10.07.50 2014-06-27 09.55.17 2014-06-27 10.47.31 2014-07-05 20.48.02 2014-07-10 11.29.11 2014-07-17 10.39.21 2014-07-17 17.30.00 2014-07-29 10.37.29 2014-07-29 10.47.44 2014-08-06 15.37.07 2014-08-13 14.47.19 2014-08-18 11.34.36 2014-08-20 12.23.49 2014-08-20 12.40.27 2014-08-20 12.49.13 2014-08-20 12.59.02 2014-08-20 13.06.02 DSC06972 DSC07045 DSC07070 DSC07117 DSC07130 DSC07132 DSC07133 DSC07177 DSC07178 DSC07182 DSC07197 DSC07469 DSC07470 DSC07513 DSC07517 DSC07519 DSC07521 DSC07559 DSC07566 DSC07567

(In those last two photos Elias discovered just how deep, muddy and cold the fish pond at Centre Parcs is. Poor chap. )

Lots of trips to the library to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge this year too – both girls completed the program and have been proudly wearing their medals on every possible occasion.

They took great delight in telling the librarian – and anyone vaguely looking like a librarian – that Sarah McIntyre (who drew all the AMAZING artwork for this year’s program) was an acquaintance of theirs. It made me laugh every single time. As far as they’re concerned writers and illustrators are better than rock stars and they reveled in their vicarious glory.

2014-09-13 10.04.41 2014-09-13 10.04.46 2014-09-13 10.05.01 2014-09-13 10.35.09

(These were taken just before we went to the launch of Sarah’s new book with Philip Reeve Cakes in Space. And if you haven’t read their first one, Oliver and the Seawigs, hurry up! It’s great!)

And now just as everything is fading towards autumn, we’re heading off for an antipodean spring.

The house is all but packed – Jake is currently in it, scurrying about and putting the last of our bundled up possessions in the back of the car and hopefully vacuuming thoroughly.

Our lovely tenants move in on Friday.

Our lovely former cats are busy settling into their new home with their equally lovely new human, Gabi.

Our bags aren’t quite packed yet – some last minute squeezing in and readjusting to do but we’re almost there. Sunday is creeping closer and closer and soon enough we’ll be on the plane and speeding southwards. A strange feeling. Although I’m currently surrounded by all the evidence that we’re really doing this, really doing this right now, it still doesn’t seem quite real.

So forgive the slightly photo heavy post, I just wanted to take five minutes amidst the detritus of my life here to look back at the evidence that summer really happened.





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