Christmas has long since been and gone. (Just in case you haven’t noticed or were hiding out in a cave somewhere. A cave with internet access, obviously, or you wouldn’t be reading this post.) Not quite sure how it’s rolled around so fast but here, we are again, almost two weeks into a new year.

I’ve been too busy with uni, illness and the general hecticness (Hecticity? Hectitiousness?) of life to write or craft much lately, although I finished a most awesome pair of socks, about which I shall write another time. We’ve been so busy organising essays, new jobs (Jake has one!) and places to live (we’ve just moved again. To the Gold Coast. Hot!) that I’ve just not had any time to write. But I thought I might share some belated photos of our Christmas tree.

Esme and I went out foraging and found a huge gum with a large low hanging branch, over in Stalag Wolf (my dad’s name for the dog’s yard). And then I spent a happy half hour with a couple of saws and a stepladder. In the end, I made my brother come and hack through the last bit and finally it came free. It nearly fell on my head in the process but I survived and the branch was mine. Victory!

We dragged it back, sawed it up into chunks that would actually fit through the door – it was a really big branch – and then decorated it. And here it is:

2014-12-24 12.53.37

2014-12-24 12.54.02

2014-12-24 12.54.52 2014-12-24 12.55.00 2014-12-24 12.55.46

The branch was covered in gum blossom buds – the little green sprays you can see in some of the photos – and one spray of actual flowers which were just so pretty. And the kids loved that we had brought a few of our decorations from home as well.

We decorated the whole room with homemade paper lanterns (sans candles because I like my Christmas not caught on fire, thanks) and it was all round a really lovely, low key, family sort of day.

And belatedly, I hope yours was too. And New Years, obviously.















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