Things to do while attempting to stay sane: Part 2

Surprisingly, this one only includes a very small helping of cardboard and a large dose of cake. So, hurrah for that. Slightly more easily digestible, I suppose, although the cardboard might be better for your health. All that fibre…

I digress.

Things I’ve done to stay sane number two: baking outrageous and ridiculous cakes

We’ve had two birthdays here. Three if you include mine, but I don’t count it because there was no cake.

I don’t actually like eating cake that much but I’ve gotten quite fond of making them in recent year. There’s something quite soothing and cathartic about all the smashing and creaming and whipping that you do in the process. It’s like therapy in a bowl.

Anyway, birthdays. Orlaith first and then Elias. They’re now ridiculously old, both of them, no more toddlers for me. And they both wanted cakes and they were both very specific in their demands. So part of the sanity saving in these was that they took quite a lot of concentration and lateral thinking in trying to figure out how to make them work. Also, toothpicks. Many, many toothpicks.

First up, Orlaith’s sea serpent / unagi cake:

IMG_20150227_144546053 IMG_20150227_144602218

It’s not perfect, the icing was lumpy and I couldn’t put any on the undersides of the coils and the whole thing has this sort of inherently sideways quality like a cake-based tower of Pisa, but Orlaith’s face lit up when she saw it and that’s all I really care about.

Likewise, Elias’ orange train cake. He’s obsessed with orange to the exclusion of all other colours and he’s seen photos of the train cake I made for Esme when she was about 2, so he was determined that an orange cake it had to be.


It all went a bit… salmon mousse to be honest, but nobody actually died eating it so that’s okay.  And again, he was delighted and that’s all that really matters. Plus, it’s fun smooshing marshmallows into frosting. Seriously.



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