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I finished a thing!

All my posts lately are either about buying a thing or finishing a thing. This is a finishing a thing post.

It’s my Mum’s birthday in a few weeks and I wanted to make her something. I’ve had … mixed success, shall we say, with knitting for my family in the past. An unfortunate experiment with ribbon yarn here, a horrible candy coloured shrug there. Once I knitted a sari silk handbag for one of my sisters and got 7 cms confused with 7 inches. It was a somewhat odd shape when it was done. And really quite small.

I digress.

While some of my early experiments with knitting for family were hideous traumas never to repeated, I have had some success with things like shawls. I’ve done at least one Clapotis and even designed a couple of scarves/shawls for my Mum which went down well.

So I thought I’d choose some pretty string and knit a trinity shawl.What could be better? A pretty thing to wrap up in (hopefully) and knowing someone’s donated some money to charity rather than buying you a trinket.

I chose some yarn from the Natural Born Dyers. It was a skein I picked up at Fibre Flurry back in October in a beautiful green shade called ‘Peacock’. It made me think of eucalypts and pine trees.

All rather serendipitous as the main lace pattern is made up of beautiful leafy shapes.

Well, they look like leaves to me. They could be feathers though.

And there’s definitely an acorn-y shape in there. And possibly a pine cone.

O maybe thistles. I’m not really sure. But I like it. And I love the way the three different lace patterns flow into each other.

I ran out of yarn at the very edge so the border is not entirely finished as it should be. It should have another 3 rows to it and I had to sacrifice the lovely Russian bind off edging which would have been extra stretchy.

But it’s still enormous-ish.

Here it is, taking  up a large swathe of our king size bed. I pinned it out this morning and it’s mostly dry already. I measured it carefully with my tape measure and each wing is just over 76cm wide.

I’ll get it in the post tomorrow. Here’s hoping it goes down well with my Mum!


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