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Good post

We’ve been having a rather nightmarish time round here of late.  All three offspring have been ill on and off for weeks. In fact, it feels like they’ve all been ill since the dawn of time, although it’s probably only been about two months. Hah. Only.

It goes without saying that it’s fairly wearing when they’re unwell. The number of times I’ve found myself showering feverish or vomitting children at 3am in the last month or so… well, it’s enough anyway. I’m finding myself stretched a bit thin and with the added pressure of Unravel at the end of next week I’ve been feeling really stressed and grumpy. So much to do, only two hands and three people who all need comfort Right Now and I’m the one on hand to do it.

It’s all good, it’s what I signed up for and it’s amazing how resilient you get to be. But this last spate of illness has really ground me down.

So today was a particularly good day to receive cheering post. Viz:


I’ve already had a flick through the Interweave Knits – some rather pretty patterns as always. I will almost certainly never get a chance to knit anything from it but that’s really not the point.

The little cakes and chocolates are for making stitch markers for Unravel and some of them have already been put to good use to that end. I snatched a brief hour this afternoon whilst Elias and Esme (throat infection) were occupied with the electronic babysitter.

Here they are before I stabbed them with wire and stuck them on rings:

DSC03574 DSC03576

They’ll be on sale at Unravel.

What else did I get? Well, not very exciting to any one but me, I got a packet of Gutermann threads for the sewing machine (woo) and some teeny tiny 5mm jump rings which I need for stringing stuff on wires. Jump rings are the glue that holds this stitch marker operation together. I’d just run out so this was a much welcomed small envelope.

I’ve saved the best for last. I found a lovely pattern on Ravelry called Treebeard Socks. (The designer has a whole bunch of absolutely glorious LOTR inspired sock patterns BTW.) I am a massive, unashamed Tolkien fan andapart from Tom Bombadil the sections about the Ents are some of my favourite passages. Treebeard and the other Ents are wonderful characters and I really want a pair of these socks.

Of course I have to have the absolutely most perfectly Entish coloured sock yarn in which to knit these socks so I went hunting high and low all last week in hopes of truffling out the best and most perfectly Entish yarn in the world. It took me a while but I found it and it arrived in the post this afternoon to much rejoicing.

DSC03567 DSC03573

It’s from the very very amazingly lovely Eleanor of Solstice Yarns who has such an amazing eye for colour and who has dyed the most incredibly, perfectly Entish green. I can’t wait to finish my current pair of socks and wind this into a skein, ready to knit leafy things.

It’ll give me something to do in between bouts of soothing fevered brows.

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