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Some room of one’s own

I had a lightbulb moment this morning.

I’ve been grumbling and moaning for ages about not having any proper work space and how much I need some shelves to unjumble all my stuff.

It’s hard to feel professional about stuff when your workspace looks like this.

And then I realised that the shoe rack I use for stall displays is just sitting in the cupboard not doing anything imbetween shows. I measured up and it fits perfectly!

An hour or so of reorganising and hunting out little containers and, voila!

It may not look like much and it is still not quite finished but it feels so much better.

The old boy who owned the house before us collected tea tins and they were all left here when he passed away. I’ve coopted them for my tools and notions.

Some are lovely.

My two favourite tins.

Some are… not entirely to my taste, shall we say?

She keeps glaring at me. I swear the eyes follow you around the room.

All my bits and bobs are organised into tins and fabric containers. It’s lovely!

I’ve got another shoe rack on order for Fibre East and they’re stackable, so eventually all the most dangerous items will be up a lot higher, out of reach of small boys.


Well. In theory anyway.




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