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I start counting

Getting everything ready to go for my trip home and for Fibre East.

Flight’s booked for first thing on Saturday and everything else is pretty much set to go for that.

Now I’m in the middle of tallying and labelling everything to make life easier for Anna and Tim when they’re on the stall at Fibre East. 10 Japanese knot bags, 16 sock pouches, 12 large pouches, 5 large hooky pouches (new item!), 4 sock sized hooky pouches, 7 giant pouches, 5 giant pouches with straps (new!) and a 2 Spinderellas. Plus 10 pattern rolls.

You can see most of them – apart from the few bits I’ve finished over the last couple of days – in the shop here

NB: The shop’s shut from now until I get home but if you are interested in pre-ordering specific items for collection at Fibre East, you can email me and I will make sure they get put to one side for you to collect at the show.

All the bags and needle storage bits will have little tags on them with their proper names and prices on them so you should be able to easily find all the info you need.

If you like a design but want a different fabric, or we’ve run out of something, I’ve made up some little custom order forms which will be available on the stand. They’ll have room for you to leave all your contact details plus tick boxes so you can quickly and easily let me know which item you were interested in. That way when I get home from Australia, I can quickly and easily get in touch and sort any orders out.

Sadly I haven’t had a chance to finish off any of the pattern organisers I cut out the other day. I’d been putting them off as doing the zippers on them is not my favourite thing and I just haven’t really got the energy to finish them right now. And you lot cleaned me out of the remaining ones I had. So there won’t be any at the show.  And I haven’t had a chance to stitch up any of the new Spinderellas I cut out either. Needle envelopes will be in short supply too so if you’re interested in picking up one of those, get in quickly as they tend to pretty much walk off the stand.

On the plus side, when I get back and I’ve had some time to recuperate from the journey, the shop’s going to be full of amazingly lovely new things!

So, that’s it. I have a million billion tags to write out, signage and price lists to print and on top of all that, I have to finish the fingers on a the second half of a pair of gloves for Esme’s teacher. Esme worships her, she’s been so kind to Esme all year and Esme picked yarn and pattern so I have to get them done. No sleep for me! I think getting on the plane may turn out to be the most restful part of the week!



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