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Unravel Day Two

Another brilliant day at Unravel!

We rolled in at 9.30, got ourselves sorted and had a cup of tea before we got down to the serious business of chatting to people about yarn and knitting. So much fun to be surrounded by people who understand and share our interest in pretty string. I pretty much didn’t leave the stall again until Jake and the kids rolled in this afternoon to visit and pick me up.

It was so nice to have them visit. The kids hardly ever get to come to the shows so it was lovely to be able to show them what I do and take them around to look at everything. They loved seeing all the yarn, got fussed over by some of my yarny friends, saw people doing weaving and working on peg looms, got given their first pair of knitting needles each (4mm from Tall Yarns – thank you so much!) and best of all they ate cake. Lots and lots of cake.

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Jake helped me pack up what was left of my seriously depleted stock – he even helped me put my stitch markers back in their cases and distracted the kids while I put my remaining bags back in the suitcase of doom. It was really fun having them with me and showing them what I do when I’m away at a show. They really enjoyed it to – they loved seeing the sheep and the girls each bought themselves a little present – cute little terracotta worms dressed as sheep!


I’m a bit shellshocked by how busy we were this weekend but I’ve photographed all the bags I’ve got left and anything new will be in the shop by the end of tomorrow. I should be back up and running later tonight. Stitch markers may be out of the shop for a while as they will take me a few days to stocktake properly as quite a lot have been sold but not necessarily as sets. The down side of my mix and match buffet policy!

Enormous thanks go to the wonderful team at the Maltings and all involved in the organisation and administration of the show. You do an amazing job for us exhibitors and those attending as visitors every single year.

Huge thanks also to Anna for being an awesome stall partner as always. I love working with you and it’s always an adventure setting off to do a show with you.

Emily and Amy, your help this weekend was invaluable and I hope you had fun and you’re not too exhausted.

And most importantly thank you to every one who came and chatted to us, looked at our patterns or shiny wares and bought things from us. Even if you just came and said hi or told us how lovely the stall looked or how much you liked the look of Anna’s shawls. Our interactions with you lovely people leave us energised and reinvigorated to carry on doing what we do. It’s such a lift to be around other fibre fanatics and it makes it all worth while.

And so it’s farewell to Unravel for another year. Roll on 2014!


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